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From Infosoft Informática Ltda <>
Subject RE: Next Big Apache::ASP Feature?
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2001 11:55:42 GMT
Helo Joshua.
I am very happy that you want to develop the VBScript Support.
I know a lot of people that want to use Apache::Asp but need to use IIS by
the VBscript.
*** This feature has my vote. ***

Amiton Martins.


I'm looking for what the next big Apache::ASP feature
should be, and would like to hear your input.  Here's
some ideas:

>>>> *************
  * VBScript support.  Ime already has something started here.
    This would provide a VBScript->perl emulator, and would
    allow for easier ports to Apache::ASP, though not perfect
    as I think writing a perfect VBScript emulator might be
    near impossible for this kind of project.
>>>> *************

Any thoughts?  Note the timeframe for first prototype of
this next feature is likely around August.

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