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From Philip Mak <>
Subject [IDEA] Automatic URL Encoding
Date Sun, 10 Jun 2001 08:24:21 GMT
Is it practical/efficient for Apache::ASP to automatically scan <A HREF>

I had an idea about an automatic URL Encoding option. The idea is that
someone types "PerlSetVar URLEncode 1" in their httpd.conf. Then,
Apache::ASP will automatically call $Server->URLEncode() on every <A HREF>

Applications that generate a lot of GET URLs would benefit from this, e.g.
instead of:

<a href="program.asp?param1=<%=$Server->URLEncode($param1)%>&amp;param2=<%=$Server->URLEncode($param2)">

one could then write:

<a href="program.asp?param1=<%=$param1%>&param2=<%=$param2%>">

-Philip Mak (

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