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From "Dobedani _" <>
Subject $Server->CreateObject only on Windows?
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2001 09:03:29 GMT
Hi there,

So far I am using ASP under M$ IIS - mostly with VBScript. I however see many advantages in
using PerlScript, e.g. the fact that with Apache::ASP my ASP web applications will then become

Under IIS I tend to build ActiveX DLL's (e.g. with Delphi), which I invoke from my script:
$Server->CreateObject(ProgID) etc. I usu. make sure that MTS can manage these objects.
I understand that in a way it is also possible to use $Server->CreateObject in a Apache::ASP
script running under Windows. However, on other platforms, there seems to be no such possibility.
Are features like this planned for a future release?

I am particularly interested to learn more about planned features for Linux. I guess the ActiveX
DLL will have to be replaced by a shared object (built with e.g. Kylix?) and the COM / DCOM
protocol may have to be replaced by CORBA or so. And what about Java servlets? I understand
that Instant ASP from HalcyonSoft offers the possibility to invoke these with Server.CreateObject
(using VBScript alas). TIA

Kind regards,

$curdir =~ tr/\\/\//; # convert Windows path to Unix path
Dobedani <>

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