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From "Robert Friberg" <>
Subject Simple install and test fails...
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2001 20:13:05 GMT

Hi all,

I'm fairly experienced with modperl and tried today to get Apache::ASP up
running to no avail. I've skimmed the archive and FAQ but maybe someone
save me a lot of time by spotting something obvious before I start digging
thanks in advance for looking at this...

 Here's my setup:

   Redhat Linux 6.x with 2.2.5-15 kernel
   apache 1.3.6 with static modperl 1.21
   perl 5.005_03

Here's what I did:
   Installed Bundle::Apache::ASP 2.25 (perl -MCPAN -e shell)

   # mkdir /tmp/asp; chown nodoby /tmp/asp

   put this in my conf-file:

    <FilesMatch "\.asp$">
      SetHandler perl-script
      PerlModule Apache::ASP
      PerlHandler Apache::ASP
      PerlSetVar Global /tmp/asp

   and created a simple helloworld.asp file:

    <% $Response->Write 'Hello, World!' %>

  Restarted the server, pointed a browser at the page
  and got a 501 with the following reason:

 [error] Can't locate object method "fileno" via package
"Apache::Connection" at /home/webs/perllib/Apache/ line 3741.

8c)') called at /home/webs/perllib/Apache/ line 3458
        Apache::ASP::Response::new('Apache::ASP=HASH(0x8582088)') called at
/home/webs/perllib/Apache/ line 619
        Apache::ASP::new('Apache::ASP', 'Apache=SCALAR(0x821e4a0)') called
at /home/webs/perllib/Apache/ line 163
        Apache::ASP::handler('Apache=SCALAR(0x821e4a0)') called at /dev/null
line 0
        eval {...} called at /dev/null line 0

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#  +46733839080     c/c++,vb,wap,php,linux,apache
#   konsulting,internetsystem,
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