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From Joshua Chamas <>
Subject Re: PerlSetVar Global and Multiple Applications with Virtual Hosts
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2001 20:37:19 GMT
"John D. Leonard II" wrote:
> Joshua:
> > <VirtualHost>
> >   ServerName
> >   ServerAlias
> >   Include conf/nodeworks/html.conf
> >   PerlSetVar StatScripts 0
> > </VirtualHost>
> What is inside one of the .conf files used in the Include statement above?

Not everything, but here's what matters to making NodeWorks tick,
starting with the non-SSL portion of the site:

# conf/nodeworks/html.conf
        PerlPostReadRequestHandler My::ProxyRemoteAddr
        DocumentRoot /usr/local/proj/mlink/site/html
        DirectoryIndex default.htm 
        Options +FollowSymLinks
        Alias /img /usr/local/proj/mlink/site/img
        Alias /test /usr/local/proj/mlink/site/test
        Include         conf/nodeworks/asp_config.conf
        PerlSetVar      Global          /usr/local/proj/mlink/perllib

<Directory /usr/local/proj/mlink/site/html>
  <Files ~ (\.htm$)>
        SetHandler      perl-script
        PerlHandler     Apache::ASP

Here's the config for the SSL portion of the site:

        PerlPostReadRequestHandler My::ProxyRemoteAddr
        Include         conf/nodeworks/asp_config.conf
        PerlSetVar      Global          /usr/local/proj/mlink/perllib
        PerlSetVar      SecureSession   1
        PerlSetVar      StateCache      0
        PerlSetVar      CompressGzip    1
        DocumentRoot    /usr/local/proj/mlink/site/ssl
        Alias           /img /usr/local/proj/mlink/site/img
        Alias           /dload /usr/local/proj/mlink/site/dload

        <Files ~ (\.asp$)>
                SetHandler      perl-script
                PerlHandler     Apache::ASP
                PerlSetVar      AllowSessionState 1

        <Files ~ (\.htm$)>
                SetHandler      perl-script
                PerlHandler     Apache::ASP

And this config is common to both of them... note that the order
of includes matters, as you can override a setting from an 
earlier include if you set it after the include is loaded ...

# asp_config.conf
PerlSetVar      BufferingOn 1
#PerlSetVar     Debug 3
PerlSetVar      Debug -1
PerlSetVar      TimeHiRes 0
PerlSetVar      Clean 0
PerlSetVar      GlobalPackage   Node::Site
PerlSetVar      DynamicIncludes 1
PerlSetVar      MailErrorsTo
PerlSetVar      MailAlertTo
PerlSetVar      MailAlertPeriod 10
PerlSetVar      MailHost        mailhost
PerlSetVar      XMLSubsMatch    node:\w+
PerlSetVar      UseStrict       1
PerlSetVar      StateDB         SDBM_File
PerlSetVar      SessionTimeout  120
# application state on for the checksum functionality
PerlSetVar      AllowApplicationState 1
PerlSetVar      AllowSessionState 0
PerlSetVar      StateDir        /tmp/node       
PerlSetVar      SessionQueryParse 1
PerlSetVar      SessionQueryParseMatch ^(https://www\.nodeworks\.com|https?://

That's it.

Joshua Chamas                           Chamas Enterprises Inc.
NodeWorks Founder                       Huntington Beach, CA  USA                1-714-625-4051

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