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From Steve Fosdick <>
Subject Undefined Subroutine Problems
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2001 10:21:36 GMT
We have an application using Apache::ASP which worked fine when there 
were just a few people using it but since user number have increased we 
have started to get "Internal Server Error" return to clients in a few 
odd cases and messages like:

[Sat Nov 24 20:48:34 2001] [error] [asp] [7228] [error] Undefined 
called at (eval 132) line 27. <--> , /usr/share/perl5/Apache/ line 

appearing in the error log.  This is currently with Apache::ASP 2.21 
(debian package - the appears to be version 2.07).   I tried 
Apache::ASP 2.27 and the problem was very much worse with that version 
hence having reverted to 2.21.  So..

1. Has anyone seen this before or know anything about what is going on.

2. Has the problem been addresses specifically in 2.29?

3. Are then any tools or debug settings that may help gather enough 
information to debug this?


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