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From "Fred Lovine" <>
Subject global.asa required file not reloading
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2001 06:19:33 GMT

I have the following global.asa:
require "";


But when the required file is edited, the changes do not take effect until
the Apache server is restarted.
Other files are reloading automatically. How do I get this file to
dynamically reload?

Here are my httpd.conf settings:
PerlSetVar Global  .
PerlSetVar StatINC 1
PerlSetVar DynamicIncludes 1
PerlSetVar Clean 0
PerlSetVar FileUploadMax 2500000
PerlSetVar FileUploadTemp 1
PerlSetVar Debug 2
PerlSetVar TimeHiRes 1

And for extra credit:
When the required file has a reference to
$main::Request->ServerVariables('SERVER_SOFTWARE') and is then edited, an
error is generated:

[Tue Nov 20 01:12:27 2001] [error] [asp] [844] [error] can't require/reload Can't call method "Item" on an undefined value at
C:/CLW/Perl/site/lib/Apache/ line 3298. <--> Compilation failed in
require at C:/CLW/Perl/site/lib/Apache/ line 2374. <--> ,
C:/CLW/Perl/site/lib/Apache/ line 2377

So, it seems that there is an attempt to reload the file. Subsequent calls
to the app however use the original file and without error, until the
required file is altered again.

Any insight into this one?


Fred Lovine

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