Hello Gurus, How to access a scalar variable in *.asp file, which declared in global.asa file? Though it is declared as use vars($title) in global.asa, unable access the $title variable in *.asp file. So, I tried to put in $Application{'title'} = "This is my 1st Apache::ASP project"; in global.asa and tried to print in *.asp file. Neither giving error nor value. printing blank in asp page. How to declare a standalone variable in global.asa and access it from *.asp file? How to declare a $Application{'my_var'} = "something"; and how to access it from *.asp file? Here is my efforts: I have declared variable $title in global.asa and when I tried to access I am getting error page. >>>>>>>>>> global.asa >>>>>>>>>>> $MLDBM::RemoveTaint = 1; use vars qw($title); use File::Basename qw(basename); # when PerlSetVar UseStrict setting on, need to declare # global variables with "use vars" sub Session_OnStart { $Session->{Count} = 10; $Session->{onstart} = time(); $Application->{'Session'.$Session->SessionID} = '?'; $Response->AppendToLog("Session_OnStart! global.asa ". $Session->SessionID); $Application->{'title'} = "FLSoft ltd.,"; } sub Session_OnEnd { my $t_session_active = time() - $Session->{onstart}; $Application->{'Session'.$Session->SessionID} = $t_session_active; $Response->AppendToLog("Session_OnEnd! in global.asa ". $Session->SessionID); } sub Application_OnStart { $Response->AppendToLog("Application_OnStart! global.asa"); $Application->{Count} = 20; $title = "FrontlineSoft limited"; } sub Application_OnEnd { $Response->AppendToLog("Application_OnEnd! in global.asa"); } sub Script_OnStart { $Response->Debug("Script_OnStart $0 in global.asa"); $Session->{Started}++; } sub Script_OnEnd { $Response->Debug("Script_OnEnd $0 in global.asa"); $Session->{Ended}++; } >>> 1.asp >>>>>>>> <%=$title%> For loop incrementing font size:

<% #use Apache::DBI %> <% for(1..5) { %> Size = <%=$_%>
<% } %>
title : <%=$title%>
Session id: <%=$Session->SessionID %>
$Application->{Count} : <%=$Application->{Count}%>
$Application->{'title'}: <%=$Application->{'title'}%> Thanks in advance. -SubbaReddy