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From "Tim Pushor" <>
Subject use script variables in cleanup code?
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2002 22:02:19 GMT
Is there a way to use local script variables in your cleanup code?
Whatabout variables/functions declared in global.ini?
I would think you could use your session or application object if you
can, but I don't have any need for either in this app.
I specifically need to be able to call a function declared in
global.ini, and would like to somehow be able to operate on objects
defined in the asp page before it goes out of scope - i.e.
     sub handler {
        my $n=some_magic;
        log failure;
    $n=new object;
    $Server->RegisterCleanup (&handler);
    .. do stuff ..
    log success;
Thanks for any help!

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