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From "Rod Butcher" <>
Subject Re: Installing from scratch Apache + mod_perl + Apache::ASP (+maybe others) on unix
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2002 23:42:25 GMT
This is exactly what I was alluding to in my previous post, and even
professionals are being driven mad, despite reading the Guide (which despite
being complete is still mysterious, it comes across as having a mission
statement to contain everything rather than to be useful, sorry). My .05 is
that all development be stopped until the instal process is up to the same
standard as M$. This is what made M$ rich, the sheer installability and
usability. I was visiting somebody yesterday and he had Win2K installing
while we talked for an hour.
Its no good complaining about the stupidity or laziness of M$ addicts, the
fact that HTML and Javascript jockies are deluded enough to think they can
contemplate installing servers. The fact is they do. And with M$ they CAN.
And that is why corporations will continue to buy M$, rather than get bogged
down in Harry Potter mystic rituals installing free software.
Sorry, this is not meant to criticize anybody (certainly not Joshua,
installing ASP was the least problem), everybody's tried really hard. I'm
available to help if I can, if you need an unsophisticated pro to test
stuff. But please, we need a professional approach to this issue now or
somebody else other than M$ will do it.
regards, Rod
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From: "timj_moore" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2002 4:01 AM
Subject: Installing from scratch Apache + mod_perl + Apache::ASP (+maybe
others) on unix

>Okay, I'm having a nightmare trying to install all this on both
>Solaris and AIX. I'm finding the different installation methods for
>each very confusing (and not only that but documentation and posts on
>newsgroups all seem to vary in install methods).

snip snip

>Does anyone have a very simple set of instructions (an 'idiots
>guide', especially aimed at someone who's more of a Windows/IIS
>expert than unix/apache) for installing Apache + mod_perl +
>Apache::ASP that will work every time, including what I need to check
>for on my system (the right permissions, though I'm running as root
>to install, environment variables, required components and files,
>should I be using gcc or not, etc).

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