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Subject ASP and @INC
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 05:40:38 GMT
Hello all

Further to a message I posted last week about bizarre problems, I've 
corrected most things, partly by correcting the httpd.conf (adding 
<Directory> around <File> settings), etc.

However I still have problems with Apache::ASP not finding modules - 

I've figured that my problems occur because:
 - I use my many of own .pm modules (not a problem in itself, BUT:)
 - I have those modules in a custom location, NOT the standard perl 
directory and NOT the global.asa directory.

I do not want to put them in the global.asa dir because I have several 
virtual hosts and the modules are common across many.

In my global.asa I have:

  push @INC, '/my/custom/dir';

This seemed to work at first but then occaisonally its not reliable and I 
still sometimes get errors "can't find module xxx". I figure its a 
mod_perl thing - or more to the point caused by my lack of understanding 
of mod_perl and apache::asp. (I got it wrong when I thought understanding 
Perl would be enough! )

QUESTION: what is the best and most reliable way to ensure that my custom 
lib dir is included at the beginning of each and every script? Is there a 
<Perl>...</Perl> section I can put into the httpd.conf?

Thanks for any help


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