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From Mike Martinet <>
Subject Problem with Binaryread
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2002 18:46:28 GMT

Please excuse me if this message is a duplicate.  I've been trying to post on 
various mailing lists and not quite sure how to do it.

I may be missing something fundamental here, but I can't find an explanation for
what I'm doing wrong.  If I specify enctype="multipart/form-data" in my FORM
tag, then I get boundaries, but I get no data with

$Request->ServerVariables( "CONTENT_TYPE" );
$Request->BinaryRead( $Request->{ TotalBytes } );

If I exclude the ENCTYPE, I get form data but no boundaries and no file data.

Any and all help greatly appreciated.

Apache::ASP 2.29
Apache 1.3.20
mod_perl 1.24_01


Mike Martinet

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