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From Joshua Chamas <>
Subject Re: Installing from scratch Apache + mod_perl + Apache::ASP (+maybe others) on unix
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2002 03:38:29 GMT
timj_moore wrote:
> Okay, I'm having a nightmare trying to install all this on both
> Solaris and AIX. I'm finding the different installation methods for
> each very confusing (and not only that but documentation and posts on
> newsgroups all seem to vary in install methods).

There is the mod_perl guide, there is Apache Toolbox, there is the 
recently released mod_perl cookbook ( ), 
and there is even the script that I include in the distribution at 
make_httpd/ that shows a sample build of it all, but 
at the end of the day, building mod_perl can be hard.  I get that.  
My first build back in 1998 was no joy.  And every build since has 
only gotten a little better.  

I would love to be able to provide prebuilt installations with 
perl/apache/mod_perl/Apache::ASP but I don't have the time.
Should anyone else put together such a package, like Randy did
for Win32 systems, I would welcome the links, and I can post them
as part of the docs.

> Kick off the 'perl -MCPAN -e shell' command, do 'install
> Bundle::Apache::ASP' and all hell breaks loose. It seems to go off
> installing loads of other packages some of which have errors in. I
> don't know what they are because they all scroll off the screen and I
> just can't get anywhere with it. I don't know much about the perl
> shell thing and I don't have time to learn it if it's going to take
> weeks to understand.

For someone new to perl, CPAN may seem a bit bizarre.  It is.  And
the bundles add to the confusion for sure.  Because of this, I recently
added a section to the install docs at

that says:

      If you have trouble installing the bundle,
      then try installing the necessary modules one at a time: 

                 cpan> install Data::Dumper
                 cpan> install MLDBM
                 cpan> install MLDBM::Sync
                 cpan> install Digest::MD5
                 cpan> install Apache::ASP

If you ever start to do heavy perl development, you will start to 
appreciate CPAN for sure, with its near 10,000 modules, it is a 
pandora's box of code reusability.

> I'm a little concerned about using the perl shell thing as this would
> have to be installed on customer sites. I really need a simple
> installer that can be packaged up with anything we ship to customers.

If you want to create an installer with Apache::ASP on one platform,
I would build everything needed mod_perl, perl, apache & all the 
perl libs as one package, and installed in something like
/usr/local/your-companies-product  ... I am no experts at creating
installers, but I would not rely on a locally built apache & perl,
but would ship my own that I could verify working.

> Talking of which, how does the licencing stand for shipping
> Apache::ASP as part of any product we make?

Apache::ASP is licensed GPL, see the LICENSE file for more detail.
My current interpretation of the GPL is as follows:  

Apache::ASP is "free" open source software.  
You cannot sell Apache::ASP, or any extensions you might 
make to the core libraries.  Extensions made to the core libraries
also become GPL when they are released, and also cannot be sold.

You can however sell a web product, or set of scripts & modules
that are unique to your product that Apache::ASP interprets & 
executes.  The GPL does not apply to your work product that simply
uses Apache::ASP to run & interpret it.  You are not compiling 
code that statically links Apache::ASP, if you were that would
change things.

You can also distribute Apache::ASP freely in a distribution
that you sell as long as you are selling other things besides
Apache::ASP, like support, or your web product.  If you wanted
to sell Apache::ASP & extensions that you make to it, or wanted
to release your product in such a way that Apache::ASP was
not open source, then we could work on some alternative licensing
for your company that was other than GPL.

Good luck! 


Joshua Chamas                           Chamas Enterprises Inc.
NodeWorks Founder                       Huntington Beach, CA  USA                1-714-625-4051

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