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From Andreas Schenk <>
Subject ASP cia CGI
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 15:16:21 GMT
First I have to apologize for a maybe stupid question. But I'm a total 
newie to Apache::ASP.
I just stumpled over it yesterday evening and it seem's to be what I've 
ever been looking for: a combination of ASP and PERL!! So far I had to 
do everthing with CGI!
Unfornately my ISP does not provide mod_perl ...(my host is running on a 
virtual host and my provider says that mod_perl is not secure for such a 
server...) until I upgrade to a dedicated server (which I can't afford 
at the moment.)
So my idea was to use Apache::ASP as a standalone program and to write a 
small wrap-around CGI script which invokes Apache::ASP and to call my 
ASP pages via this script. (OK, presumbably I loose much of the 
advantages of Apache::ASP, but at least I get some of them).
What do you think of this idea? Is this possible with Apache::ASP? And 
if, does anybody else maybe already wrote such a script?


PS: The slower execution of the CGI script (compared to mod_perl) should 
not be a problem as it is a rather small site with not so much traffic...

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