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From Rob Scott <>
Subject Fwd: Installing from scratch Apache + mod_perl + Apache::ASP (+maybe others) on unix
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 16:26:28 GMT

 > Did you ever try to use ApacheToolbox for any of this?  I sounds
 > like it works just fine for lots of people.  The hard part
 > is installing mod_perl I think.

I have to say i agree about mod_perl being the hardest part..after 
installing and reinstalling perl, CPAN shite, and mod_perl for days, 
digging around in, messing with makefiles, changing config 
options zillions of times, then finally getting the whole mess 
(apache+php+mod_perl+mod_ssl+mod_dynvhost) to compile only to SEGFAULT 
immediately after a page request, i was about ready to give up.. then 
someone told me about the Apache Toolbox ( wow.. 
ugly page, but the damn works pretty well (for my setup anyway)  just 
wish someone had told me that Apache::ASP doesn't convert J/VBScript to 
perl for you? doh.


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