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From Ellers <>
Subject Undefined subroutine -> DSO Required?
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2002 10:18:46 GMT
Hello all

I'm fairly experienced at Perl and CGI but I am new to ASP. I really like it overall - its
great being able to edit a dynamic page in a GUI editor! 

However the scripts are falling over very erratically. With debug level 2 I get extensive
messages about an undefined subroutine in a 
(custom) module - except it is _definitely_ there. I've checked exports and they're all ok
- and it works, SOMEtimes! 

I have noted earlier posts to this group on this subject but I wasn't 100% sure of the solution.
For example, there was some mention about 
requiring a static build of Apache and mod_perl. I have no problem with that but I don't understand
why it would help and don't want to 
scrap the current installation until its fairly definitely the problem.

I thought it could be a time/date problem and tried touch on the script or on the PM files
- that would occasionally fix the problem but is 
probably just co-incidence.

My configuration:

 - DSO Apache on debian linux 
   Apache was _not_ compiled on the box but apache, mod_perl and Apache::ASP were all downloaded
by debians apt-get/dselect 
programs. They all run really well most of the time, except for these annoying failures! 

 - StatINC turned on

Really what I want to achieve is:

 - whenever I change an ASP script OR whenever I change one of my local .PM modules, I want
the ASP script to re-compile each and 
every time it is invoked by Apache. When the site is into production, this can be optimized.

I had thought StatINC was what I'm after but now I'm not sure.

Main question:
	 - will a static build of Apache/mod_perl (most likely) fix problems where a compile of an
ASP script works one minute and fails the 

Secondary question: (not sure if this question will make sense: ) 

	 - is there a way to "clean compiles" out of the system? That is, Apache::ASP seems to get
a particular compiled version of a 
script "in its head" sometimes. This is demonstrated by changing the contents of a script
or a PM, pressing 'reload' and seeing the same 
stuff come up time and again. This is probably related to the main problem.

Thanks for any help, and sorry about the long post


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