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From Ellers <>
Subject Re: Apache::ASP internals and interfaces
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 02:11:09 GMT
>I'm evaluating Apache::ASP for a new project.  One concern
>is the lack of support for DBI-based sessions although I see 
>that's on the todo list.
>I've been reading the code, trying to get a sense of what
>that will involve.

At first I wanted to use DBI (mysql) for sessions too, as I was used to with CGI apps. I've
found that in practice it all works very nicely 
without DBI and I don't feel the need for the mysql session usage for the Application/Session
data. Of course if its mandated that DBI must 
be used that's a different matter; but in terms of fitness-for-purpose I think it works very
well as-is.


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