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From "clu_us" <>
Subject weird behavior of Apache::ASP
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 06:45:06 GMT
Hi all,

I am in the middle of migrating an application from IIS/ASP to 
Apache::ASP, overall I am very impressed with Apache::ASP.

I just ran into a few odd behaviors of Apache::ASP. Maybe someone can 
give me some hints.

1) I ran a stored procudure against ms sqlserver db using freetds, 
even the stored procedure ran properly, I will always get a warning 
message in the apache error_log. I have verified that stored 
procedure test_sp run properly from the test_sp.asp.

DBD::Sybase::st execute failed: Server message number=170 severity=15 
state=1 line=5 server=COOKIE text=Line 5: Incorrect syntax 
near 's'.Server message number=105 severity=15 state=1 line=6 
server=COOKIE text=Unclosed quote before the character string ',
        @p_rtn_code = @intProcStat output, @p_msg = @strProcMsg output
select @intProcStat, @strProcMsg
'. at test_sp.asp line 486.
no statement executing at test_sp.asp line 487.

If I turn the $dbh->trace(2) on in test_sp.asp, I get no warning 

If I run the same code under in the csh, with DBI_TRACE=2, 
I got no db error at all.

2) Sometime I cannot get the form value from the Request object when 
I hit the refresh button in the IE browser. If I keep hitting the 
refresh button, I will sometime get the form value, sometime not. 

I used a proxy server program proximitron to intercept the post 
request from ie to the webserver, the browser are submitting the form 
key-value pair properly everytime I hit the refresh button. Looks 
like there are something going on with the $Request object.



Here is a code example:

test_param.asp :
<% my $tag = {}; %>
<--#include file="" args="($tag)"--> 

$Response->Write("usrId: $usrId\n");

sub GetParam {
  $tag = GetSharedParam();
  $tag->{AID} = $Response->Params("AID");
<!--#inclue file="html_template.htm" args="($tag)"-->
==================================== :
<% my ($tag) = @_; %>
sub GetSharedParam {
    my $tag = {};
    $tag->{usrId} = $Request->Form("usrId");
    $tag->{AID} = $Request->Form("AID");

    return $tag;

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