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From Joshua Chamas <>
Subject Re: $Server->HTMLEncode, single quotes, and .pm files
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2002 23:08:44 GMT
Sven Köhler wrote:
> > Perhaps this should be added to the $Server->HTMLEncode() regexp in
> >
> >
> >       s/\'/&#039;/sg;
> i would go even further with:
> s/[^\w\s\n\r]/escpape($1)/ge
> or somethin like this.

While I think this kind of escaping is relevant to URLEncode(), I do 
not think the white space needs character entity escaping via HTMLEncode().

I believe for example that if someone has something like this:

<input value="<%= $Server->HTMLEncode('some data

some more data') %>">

that this will work just fine because \n data is OK between 
HTML attribute quotes.


Joshua Chamas                           Chamas Enterprises Inc.
NodeWorks Founder                       Huntington Beach, CA  USA                1-714-625-4051

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