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From Mike Martinet <>
Subject Re: Problem Sending Cookies
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 16:18:09 GMT
Well, after days of fighting with this, I've given up and am using 
JavaScript to set and expire 'permanent' or 'hard' cookies.

If anyone has does come up with a suggestion, or can offer some sample 
code, I'd still really appreciate seeing it - I'd prefer to do this in 
ASP/Perl, but I have to move on.


MjM wrote:

> I have searched the archives and an't find anything like this...
> I have two servers, a Dev server and a Test server.  They both have:
> Linux 2.4.7-10
> Apache 1.3.24
> mod_perl 1.26
> mod_ssl 2.8.8
> Apache::ASP 2.35
> Identical application ASP pages.
> Both machines are on the same subnet.
> My Logon.asp page attempts to set two cookies, a Session cookie and a 
> Hard or Disk cookie.  By my understanding, the difference between a 
> Session and a Hard cookie is the lack of an expiration date in the former.
> No matter what I've tried, I can't get the Test server to set the hard 
> cookie on client machines.  If I turn on cookie prompting in the browser 
> (IE), I get prompted for two cookies being sent from the Dev server, but 
> only one cookie, the Session cookie, being sent from the Test server.
> I can't understand what could be different between the two 
> implementations which would cause this behavior.
> As always, any help greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> MjM
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