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From Joshua Chamas <>
Subject Re: not working under Apache::ASP
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2002 07:27:01 GMT
Jim Helm wrote:
> Just thought I'd see if anyone else had successfully used
> under Apache::ASP.  When I try, I get the following (which works fine
> under straight perl).  I'm assuming it's the magical syntax
> altering/creating nature of the Switch module that's causing it to fail.
> I even tried loading in my before Apache::ASP, and
> still no dice.
> Any ideas?  If it's not a simple thing to fix, I'll just fall back on
> the tried and true foreach or if/elsif/else contructs, but it sure would
> be nice to start using given/when now...

I wonder if this is some kind of mod_perl thing.
What might happen if you tried to run the script
from the command line using asp-perl?  I do not know
what this problem would be even with mod_perl, but
someone on the mod_perl list might know.

If the problem only happens in Apache::ASP scripts, this is
worth looking into.

Joshua Chamas                           Chamas Enterprises Inc.
NodeWorks Founder                       Huntington Beach, CA  USA                1-714-625-4051

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