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From "Vikash_Chauhan" <>
Subject Re: Seg faults executing sql within perl sub routine
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 20:04:56 GMT
> You can actually have subroutines defined in ASP scripts, but you
> have to code them carefully to make sure that all variables
> used in the script are localized with my() and passed in via @_.
> You can move a subroutine definition to the global.asa file,
> and have that subroutine shared safely between scripts.

Sorted.  I passed the db handle (considering it's a recursive sub 
routine) into the sub each time it's called, and voila, problem 
solved - No more segmentation faults.

Still don't understand why this only happens (I think) within the ASP 
tags, but I'll quit while I'm ahead.

Thanks for the pointers Josh.


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