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From "timj_moore" <>
Subject BinaryWrite and SAFEARRAY equivalent
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 16:27:14 GMT

I'm porting a Windows/IIS app to unix/Apache::ASP by using SWIG to 
interface between C++ and Perl.

However, I've come across a situation where the Windows version 
returns a VARIANT containing a SAFEARRAY via. COM to the IIS ASP 
script (VBScript) and that's written out using BinaryWrite (which 
takes a variant SAFEARRAY of unsigned bytes in windows). I assume IIS 
uses SAFEARRAY to work out the size of the data it's going to write 
because it has structure members specifying the number of elements, 
other than that it's just being used as a wrapper around a binary 
data buffer.

The problem is, how do I write something similar in unix?

I can return a simple character array buffer (a char*), but how would 
BinaryWrite in Apache::ASP know how large this buffer is?

I notice the example for BinaryWrite sets ContentLength which isn't 
documented. If I set this will BinaryWrite only write that specific 
amount of data? If so, that would do what I need.

Or, do I need to get my data into some kind of perl array structure 
which I assume contains the length of data? I'm not very hot on perl 


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