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From "chrisdavc" <>
Subject dummy.asp not working on my host's servers
Date Sat, 02 Nov 2002 04:39:03 GMT
Hello.  I'm a beginning to this group; I'm pleased to see this 
resource for Apache::ASP.  I worked with Microsoft ASP for around 6 
months, but am a novice to Apache::ASP, so forgive my questions.  I'm 
trying to see if my hosting service DOES support Apache::ASP, as they 
claim they do.  Do you have any suggestions?


Here's a series of messages I posted to them:

"Please, do you have any documentation (or asp test files you run) on 
writing Apache ASP pages on your servers. I know, Apache ASP is perl-
script-based, not VBScript. The links from your Webmasters reference 
site on the CPanel aren't helping. 

Here's a little more information. I was following several articles 
written by Joshua Chamas. In his "Apache::Asp Site Building" article 
(, which I 
got to searching the webmaster links referenced on the Cpanel, he 
recommends making a dummy.asp page to check that APACHE::ASP is 
working and that the $Session is enabled. My dummy.asp is found at 

This is the totality of the dummy.asp file:

INTRO <%=$Session%>

When viewed, the dummy.asp should show 

INTRO Apache::ASP::Session=HASH(0x??????). 

Now it just shows 

INTRO <%=$Session%>

Here's's response:

"Dear valued customer, 

We are supporting Apache ASP and not Mircosoft or .NET ASP. Please 
let us know if you are looking for .NET ASP. 


Support Team"

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