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From George Schlossnagle <>
Subject Re: $self->{asp} nor defined in Response?!
Date Tue, 21 Jan 2003 20:01:10 GMT

On Tuesday, January 21, 2003, at 02:53  PM, Josh Chamas wrote:

> Theo E. Schlossnagle wrote:
>> Josh Chamas wrote:
>>> This is when an old $Response object is no longer valid.  This is 
>>> normally
>>> caused by my closure or bad scoping issues.
>> I assumed as much.  However, it seems that:
>> sub AppendToLog { shift->{asp}->Log(...); }
>> should bde
>> sub AppendToLog {
>>     my $self = shift;
>>     if($self && $self->{asp}) {
>>         $self->{asp}->Log(...);
>>     }
>> }
>> in  Why?  My $Response variable still exists and as I 
>> don't call Log directly it seems that it shouldn't return such a hard 
>> error (die) when Apache::ASP makes that call internally.
> No, $Response is no longer valid, and has been destroyed
> during a prior request phase.  It has only been cached incorrectly,
> and this error results.  Any use of $Response at this point would
> be incorrect, so it does not make sense to spare the error with
> a test for $Response->{asp}

Perhaps Theo was unclear.  This code block is part of Apache::ASP 
itself, not part of the userland code.  We don't call this function 
directly, it's invoked internally from within Apache::ASP.

>>> Set these things to help catch these problems:
>>>   PerlSetVar UseStrict 1
>>>   PerlWarn On
>> I can do the later... But not the first.  While we run both on almost 
>> all our code bases, this particular code base is a legacy one 
>> (written by another company) with over 200k lines of client .pm and 
>> .asp files. (over 100k of custom perl modules alone).  So, 
>> retroactively adapting all legacy code to use strict is infeasible.
> If you call Apache::ASP->Load() on all the files, you can find the
> errors with UseStrict at compile time, so you do not get errors
> at runtime.  The process of converting over to UseStrict will catch
> other errors besides the one that started this thread so would be
> good for the code base to be converted to using.

Converting 100,000 lines of mission critical code is something we don't 
have the luxury of doing.  Although it is nasty, the code base works.  
The apparent bug is in Apache::ASP

> Regards,
> Josh
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