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From Fernando Munoz <>
Subject Redirect after $Response->Flush using $Server->RegisterCleanup
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 23:26:31 GMT
I'm trying to make an ASP script to do some work after the actual HTML has
been served and, as a result of that procedure to go, redirect, execute
another script where a new HTML page is served. I've tried using
$Server->RegisterCleanup after $Response->Flush but it seems like as
consequence of these operations $Server->Execute or $Server->Transfer are
not able to work, claiming that "no include "http://myserver/myscript" at
.....ASP line 1434". Is there a way to do such a thing or after cleaning no
object can pick the flag to redirect/transfer?


Fernando I. Munoz

Lions Gate Entertainment, Inc.  [ AMEX: lgf ] 
Five Proud Years, One Independent Spirit.

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