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From Fernando Munoz <>
Subject RE: UTF8 issue
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 17:50:13 GMT
Well, there's no error logging that I can refer to, but when you try to
hexdec these strings (the ones coming in UTF8) no matter how different the
strings are, they always return the same digest. Searching around I find
this note :

"Perl 5.8 support Unicode characters in strings. Since the MD5 algorithm is
only defined for strings of bytes, it can not be used on strings that
contains chars with ordinal number above 255. The MD5 functions and methods
will croak if you try to feed them such input data:"   

in the documentation for Digest::MD5

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From: Josh Chamas []
Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 2003 8:17 PM
To: Fernando Munoz
Cc: ''
Subject: Re: UTF8 issue

Fernando Munoz wrote:
> I'm receiving info that is UTF8 encoded and it is making Digest::MD5 to
> (I'm using Perl 5.8); is there any way to filter this information using an
> ASP object?

What is making Digest::MD5 fail?  Is there an error message here?


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