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From Richard Curtis <>
Subject Redirection Limit Exceeded
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 10:47:57 GMT
This is slightly off topic so firstly I apologies for that.
I am developing a web application in Apache::ASP with Apache2 on linux.

Everything was going fine, until this morning.
I go to use the application, and my session had timed out, so the code 
tried to redirect me to a login page.

All my pages use a which includes a menu for example.
The problem is, if I point my browser at <url>/login.asp (or any other 
page for that matter), it goes into an endless redirect loop :(
Mozilla says "Redirect Limit Exceeded" and IE just fails to load the page.

Now I have obviously introduced a bug somewhere, but does anyone have 
any suggestions as to how I can go about debugging it ?


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