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From Tim Pushor <>
Subject Re: Another stupid question...
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 22:12:36 GMT

How are you determining the filename?

I looked back in a piece of code, and I am doing something like:

my $fileup=$Request->{FileUpload}{upload_file};
my $browserfile=$fileup->{BrowserFile};
my $filehandle=$fileup->{FileHandle};
my $tempfile=$fileup->{TempFile};

I believe that $tempfile holds the name of the file as is sitting on the 
drive after the upload.

I also have:

PerlSetVar FileUploadTemp 1

Set in httpd.conf


Richard Curtis wrote:

> OK, I am sorry for posting stupid questions, but I have been at this 
> all night and got no-where.
> Right, I have a page which allows upload of files.
> The user uploads several files, and I cache the filename of the file 
> they uploaded using the session.
> So, the session contains a list of filenames.
> I am now passing this array of filenames to a backend module.
> The files are already uploaded to a tmp directory by now.
> In the backend module, I move the files from the temporary directory, 
> to the proper storage location.
> When I call :
> move_file("$srcDir$file","$dstDir$file"),
> I get the following error :
>  Utilities:move_file : cannot find file 
> /home/myapp/data/tmp/test_user/Fh=GLOB(0x86983bc)
> I know the reason behind the error - it is because the filename I 
> stored in the session is really a handle to the uploaded file.
> The question is, how can I simply get back the filename rather than 
> the filehandle....
> I am stumped on this one.
> Richard
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