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From Richard Curtis <>
Subject Stress test Apache::ASP application.
Date Mon, 17 Feb 2003 17:15:24 GMT
I am looking for a way to stress test my web app which has been 
developed in Apache::ASP.

I have seen an application called "Microsoft Application Center Test" 
which can literally record a users actions in Internet Explorer, then 
simulate this action over an over again.

This application comes with .Net Enterprise Edition, so is not cheap.

Does anyone know of any free / shareware apps that can do a similar 
thing, but work with an Apache web server.

The M$ Application Center Test seems to also have functionality to query 
the webserver as to how much CPU it is using... this is obviously 
something specific to IIS/Windows, but it would be nice if there is any 
alternative to this for us users who are running under Apache on Linux.

Anyone got any ideas ?


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