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From Josh Chamas <>
Subject Re: Apache::ASP->Loader() lost functionality ?
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 06:13:51 GMT
Thanos Chatziathanassiou wrote:
> Somewhere in between version upgrades of Apache::ASP, I seem to have to 
> have missed some of the functionality of the loader.
> It seems that the following code
> -----------------
> Apache::ASP->Loader(
>        '/opt/apache/htdocs',"(asp)\$",
>                Global          => '/var/tmp',
>                Debug           => 1,
>                UseStrict       => 1,
>                StatINC         => 0);
> -----------------
> does not honour the ``UseStrict'' and will not return any errors 
> encountered while compiling scripts (the legendary ``variable $x 
> redefined at ...'' springs to mind).
> It won't even catch typos (ie syntax errors).
> Any idea why this happens ?

Did you upgrade anything else besides Apache::ASP ?

I am not aware of any problems here, nor any changes that
would affect what you are seeing, but can look into it.
It seems more likely that something like a perl upgrade
or mod_perl/apache upgrade would affect this behavior
than Apache::ASP changes, since as you say even syntax
errors are being missed.

Can you set Debug -1 in Loader() and get me a trace from
when you start the server to when you run the buggy script
for the first time?



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