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From Richard Curtis <>
Subject Re: Question regarding $Session->Abandon
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 16:07:17 GMT

>> I am having some problems with $Session->Abandon().
>> I have the following code on a logout page :
>>     use Data::Dumper;
>>     warnd("b4",Dumper $Session);
>>     $Session->Abandon();
>>     warnd("after",Dumper $Session);
>>     $Response->Redirect("/login/login.asp");
>> Each time I print the contents of $Session, even after I have 
>> abandoned it, I get shown the same contents.
>> "warnd" is a logging function I use which just dumps to a file.
>> Why, even after I have abandoned a session, is there still data in the 
>> session object ?
> $Session->Abandon makes a session timeout immediately.  However,
> the session data will exist until the session manager cleans up
> that session, and calls Session_OnEnd on it.  The effect of 
> $Session->Abandon
> timing out a session immediately is that a web browser will get a new
> session on the *next* web request.
> A more accurate way to do this might be to call Session_OnEnd immediately,
> but the problem remains then what state the $Session object is in
> after $Session->Abandon.  If Session_OnEnd is called, it will be deleted.
> Perhaps one might want a new session created immediately after 
> $Session->Abandon,
> but the HTTP headers might have already been sent by this time, so the
> browser would not be aware of it, so that does not seem like a good way 
> to go.

Thanks for the answer.
I will explain a little bit more about the problem (which I have solved).

I dont think the current system needs to be improved... it had worked 
fine for me until I noticed a problem with my logout code.
I only noticed the fact that the Session->Abandon didnt clear up 
immediately when debugging another issue.

Incase any other users notice, the version of Konquerer that ships with 
Redhat 7.3 is a bit buggy.  When I logged out of my APP, I would go back 
to a login page.  I then logged in as a different user, but somehow, it 
thought I was the old user.  I couldnt understand as I knew I had 
explicity killed off the session on logout.

It seems to have been a Konquerer bug because when I upgraded (via Red 
Carpet) it all worked OK.
So it appears that Konquerer had a caching issue and was reposting the 
*old* credentials from the previous login.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the problem is solved, and I dont 
really see any valid reason to change the implementation of 
Session->Abandon at present.


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