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From Josh Chamas <>
Subject Re: SSI / Filter problem
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 19:52:20 GMT
exlibrismn  wrote:
> Howdy,
> I am having trouble with controlling the order in which asorted 
> filters are acting on my pages and how Apache::ASP is acting on them. 
> I would be grateful for advice.  In order, I am attempting to:
> 1) Run each page through Apache 2.0 external filters to write virtual 
> include statements at the start of the page body:
> ExtFilterDefine header mode=output intype=text/html cmd="/bin/sed 
> s/<body>/\<!--#include\ virtual=\"\/inc\/header\.inc\"-->/gi" ftype=1
> <Directory /home/httpd/html>
> ExtFilterOptions LogStderr DebugLevel=0
> SetOutputFilter header;INCLUDES
> </Directory>

I have not done heavy work with mod_perl 2 yet.  Apache::ASP in mod_perl 1.x
would support SSI via Apache::Filter & Apache::SSI.  Your best bet
might be if these have been ported to mod_perl 2 now.  They would likely
be called ModPerl::Filter now, and your questions here might be more
relevant for the mod_perl users list prefixed with [mp2] in the subject.

Note, that if you use an external filter to try to pipe output into
Apache::ASP for execution, this will likely not work because
Apache::ASP only looks at the script in $r->filename, or whatever
Apache::Filter has coming in for compilation.  So to use these
new filters to work with Apache::ASP might take some extra hooks
in Apache::ASP.



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