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From "ggincius <>" <>
Subject Re: RFC: subroutines & script recompilation
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 18:31:26 GMT
> >>What about making this a default, and let the user configure if 
> > the 
> >>"old" method is preferred or the new one? 

> > I need an option for "old" method too.

> If you are talking about turning off the recompile behavior for
> scripts with subs in them, I do not intend to create a config for
> this as this is a matter of correctness and not tunable parameter.
> In effect, having the system not cache compilations for such 
> will promote good behavior according to the style guide.
> Please note that Apache::ASP does not spend much time compiling
> scripts usually. ( I see usually .01 seconds for script 
compilation ).
> If you have a site with exceedingly long scripts that have named
> subroutines in them, then you might arguably need this config.

Yes, I have more than 1 site that have scripts with named
subroutines in them... And never had problems with them (UseStrict 
=> 1). I like <% %> tags in subroutines. How can I put such subs 
into .pm? Or move them into global.asa? Yes, I can move them 
into .inc's and use with $Response->Include('',...), but this 
makes a lot of files... But these sites do not have a big load, so 
maybe you are right, there is no big need for such option.

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