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From "Farshid Dabesh-Khoy" <>
Subject ASP db connection
Date Sun, 30 Mar 2003 18:14:07 GMT
Dear all,
I have transferred a website from IIS/ASP to Apache/apache_asp.
I can get the ASP pages to run perfectly however I can not get them to
perform their database connections. The problem I have is that the db
connections strings reside in each and every ASP file. I can connect
through some test Perl scripts I have created and I don't want to have
to go through each ASP page and change the setting manually.
Is there a way that I could get Apache and apache_asp to behave in a way
that IIS/ASP/ADO behaves? Meaning that I won't actually have to change
every ASP page.
I am relatively new to all this and I apologise if I'm missing any
details I need to provide.

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