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From Josh Chamas <>
Subject Re: mod_perl on redhat 8.0
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 19:29:52 GMT
Perrin Harkins wrote:
>> I had assumed that mod_perl 1.99 works with Apache 2 since it was 
>> delivered with redhat and was also mentioned at with 
>> mod_perl 2. Is that assumption correct?
> Yes.  However, mod_perl 1.99 (which is mod_perl 2) is not compatible 
> with all of the mod_perl 1 modules.  I believe people have successfully 
> run Apache::ASP under mod_perl 2 by using the compatibility mode 
> discuessed here:
> There is more information about Apache::ASP here:

Recent releases of Apache::ASP work with mod_perl 1.99
without any special configuration.  However, because Apache::ASP
uses chdir() which is not a thread safe operation, I would
recommend a setting like this for worker mpm Apache mode of operation
which is multi-threaded...

   StartServers 10
   ServerLimit 10
   MaxClients 50
   ThreadsPerChild 5
   PerlInterpMax 1
   PerlInterpStart 1

Not that most people will be using worker mpm at first, but
when they do, the PerlInterpMax should allow there to be just
one mod_perl interpreter per process, which should allow
things like chdir() to operate safely, assuming that only mod_perl
processes would be doing things like chdir()! I believe such a
configuration will allow for performance similar to
a dual mod_perl / normal httpd setup on performance
where things like images will not tie up a mod_perl process.

Once we get a nice filter/output buffering layer set up, we'll probably
get a front end type mod_proxy performance with a single server too.
Anyone do this yet for apache 2 mod_perl 1.99 in worker mpm mode?



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