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From <>
Subject Bug Fix for 2.53 and previous required?
Date Mon, 21 Apr 2003 04:30:19 GMT
Hello list,

I had some trouble when using the XSLT feature and the
$Response->Redirect method:

[error] [asp] [22925] [error] XSLT/XML processing error: Empty String at
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.1//Apache/ line 1655 <--> ...

The xml_data and xsl_data variables remain empty and the XSLT processing
fails after calling Redirect.

I'm not sure why the XSLT processing is executed at all if Redirect was
called and I did no further investigations on that but the following
solved my problem: Line 1655 

>>>     if ( length($$xml_data) && length($$xsl_data) ) {
            my $source = $parser->parse_string($$xml_data);
            my $style_doc = $parser->parse_string($$xsl_data);
            my $stylesheet = $xslt->parse_stylesheet($style_doc);
            my $results = $stylesheet->transform($source);
            $xslt_data = $stylesheet->output_string($results);
>>>    }

Yes, looks ugly so I guess there is something more pretty required...
Anyone already seen that, any ideas?


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