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From "pkunal" <>
Subject Re: Setup Apache::ASP and MySQL
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 21:43:58 GMT

I was able to solve this problem..atleast for the time being.
But I definitely will have to dig deeper into mySQL.

Well the problem was solved when i changed the connection command 
to :

my $dbh = DBI->connect("DBI:mysql:test:pavilion", 'ODBC', '');

This might be a good note for those who are using MS Windows 98 and 
are using WinMySQLAdmin.

I am sure this is not a secure way to give access to the user to the 
database of my web site. First, it does not require any password and 
second I have no clue how this username "ODBC" was created by 

I would welcome any suggestions as to what I should do for more 
secure access to the database by any experienced users. But I guess 
this should work for development phase. 

Thanks anyway Josh for replying.

Kunal Parekh.

--- In, Josh Chamas <josh@c...> wrote:
> > <%
> > # Connect
> > my $dbh =
> > DBI->connect("DBI:mysql;database=test;host=localhost:3306",
> > 'kdparekh', 'kunal01');
> > 
> You should use RaiseError => 1 when connecting to DBI handle.
> Then when there is an error, it will show up at least in the 
> What is it there?  Also, if you set
>    PerlSetVar Debug 3
> you will get user debug error in the web browser if Apache::ASP
> is executing the script properly in the first place.
> Please post the relevant error message, and then there will be
> something to help you with.
> Regards,
> Josh
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