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From "Lars Engels" <>
Subject Re: Citrix NFuse Server with Apache on Windows 2000
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2003 06:30:26 GMT

>>> Josh Chamas <> 15.04.03 22:40:47 >>>
Lars Engels wrote:
> Hi again,
> I now found out, that the path to the login.asp was wrong, I
> it now, but the result of login.asp is the page's source code in my
> I-Explorer. :-((

>Its likely that Apache::ASP won't run these scripts, as they are
>written in VBScript ( as most IIS/ASP applications are ).  So even if
>you are to get the scripts to execute, they will likely have errors.
>For getting started with Apache::ASP, I would recommend first trying
>to get the example script to run from the distribution...

Hello Josh,

thank you for your answer. I think you are right, I saw some VBScript
in the source code of the pages.
But there is an installation procedure for NFuse with Apache + Tomcat
for Unix and Linux Systems.
Meanwhile I decided to use the IIS as it works out of the box with
NFuse (damned ;-) )
If it were my choice I installed it on a FreeBSD box but I don't have
these privileges yet ;-)



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