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From Josh Chamas <>
Subject Re: session data slowdown
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2003 17:08:46 GMT
raystormphd wrote:
> data1=$Session->{'key1'}
> data2=$Session->{'key2'}
> data3=$Session->{'key3'}
> Does each statement cause a freeze/thaw of the whole Session data
> structure to/from disk?

No, each one does its own freeze/thaw just for that key / value pair.

> In your code, you make one read only copy.  Does this cause only one
> thaw?  This is why your proposed trick would help, right?

The idea behind that is if you are just using it to look up lots of
global values & db data, which is not recommended anyway, you might
just init an in memory hash to reference in your code instead of
going to the $Session each time, so perhaps better to...

   $SessionCopy = { %$Session };

than to:


but really better is to do this...

   my $value = $Session->{KEY};

Like I said, a lot of it depends on how you are programming.  But overall,
you want to make as few calls getting as little data from $Session as possible.



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