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From Josh Chamas <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache::ASP v2.55 released
Date Sun, 10 Aug 2003 16:26:05 GMT

The latest version of Apache::ASP v2.55 has been released.  The biggest
improvement is no longer loading Apache::compat for running under mod_perl2.
For the rest of the changes in this release, please see below.

To get the latest, install from your local CPAN, and also:

For more information on the Apache::ASP project, please see:


Josh Chamas, Founder                   phone:925-552-0128
Chamas Enterprises Inc.      
NodeWorks Link Checking      

$VERSION = 2.55; $DATE="08/09/2003"

  - Bug fixes for running on standalone CGI mode on Win32 submitted
    by Francesco Pasqualini

  + Added Apache::ASP::Request::BINMODE for binmode() being
    called on STDIN after STDIN is tied to $Request object

  + New RequestBinaryRead configuration created, may be turned off
    to prevent $Request object from reading POST data

  ++ mod_perl 2 optmizations, there was a large code impact on this,
    as much code was restructured to reduce the differences between
    mod_perl 1 and mod_perl 2, most importantly, Apache::compat is
    no longer used

  + preloaded CGI for file uploads in the mod_perl environment

  - When XSLT config is set, $Response->Redirect() should work now
    Thanks to Marcus Zoller for pointing problem out

  + Added CookieDomain setting, documented, and added test to cover
    it in t/cookies.t . Setting suggested by Uwe Riehm, who nicely
    submitted some code for this.

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