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From "D. L. Fox" <>
Subject global.asa and security
Date Sat, 06 Sep 2003 17:03:06 GMT
>From the Apache::ASP documentation:

"Default for Global is the directory the script is in (e.g. '.'), but should
be set to some directory not under the www server document root, for
security reasons, on a production site."

According to $Server->Config(), my site host has Global set to /tmp, which
is fine as far as what the above states.  It does not appear to be
accessible via the web.  However, in another section, the documentation also

"Make sure Global is set to where your web applications global.asa is if you
have one!"

I thought perhaps I could redefine Global specifically for my site using
.htaccess.  However, I have noticed I am not allowed to create any
files/directories outside my www root in which to place the global.asa file.

Should I not use a global.asa file, since I can only place it under my www

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