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From Josh Chamas <>
Subject Re: Session->Abandon question
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 05:07:41 GMT
D. L. Fox wrote:
 > ...
> I have been re-writing much of what I had anyway.  I find myself doing this
> alot whenever I take on a new project.  It seems when I almost complete
> working on something new, an idea about a different way of doing it comes to
> me, and I realize I could have done it a much better or easier way.  So, I
> start over implementing what I've learned.  But it's fun, and I love
> learning.

In many projects, it would be advisable to "build one to throw away".
Usually when we are learning a new technology, we are learning how
to do things the right way with it.  Then of course the project scope
itself as changed as one figures out what it should really do anyway.

So we are either left with maintaining something that should be thrown away,
or redoing it from scratch.  Not a lot of folks have the patience or time
for the latter, however good project practice it may be.  "Management" all
too often thinks a prototype is a fully implemented version ready to maintain
and extend for the entire project life cycle when little proper engineering
has gone into it.

I just liked your sentiment so I wanted to wax a bit on it.  I haven't
reimplemnted something for fun for quite a while, perhaps I have gotten
too jaded, and I found sentiment inspiring :)  Don't worry, I won't
reimplement Apache::ASP from scratch, I'll take my inspiration out
on something else!


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