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From Josh Chamas <>
Subject Re: AW: Internal server error when viewing sample asp scripts
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 18:45:39 GMT
Warren Young wrote:
> Uwe Riehm wrote:
>> Maybe for the time being a quick and dirty hack could be a solution to 
>> this:
>> just search / match in the input file for some of the most used 
>> keywords of VBScript and in case one of those is found stop all the 
>> processing and output such an error message. 
> A refinement on the idea: only do the check if the Perl interpreter 
> fails.  It would just be a "best guess" as to why the interpreter died, 
> rather than being a proactive nanny-bot second-guessing your code with a 
> low-end parser.

I agree with the refinement of the idea, only do the runtime check if
the initial perl script compilation fails.

However, I disagree with the premise that this will help the end user
confusion.  Most initial posts on this subject are with an internal
server error resulting, as the developer has not yet set Debug 2 or 3
which are the settings which will result in a verbose HTML message
going to the browser.  So we still need to ask what is in the error_log.

Ultimately, because the preponderance of ASP scripting in done in VBScript,
those getting into it for the first time are likely to hope that Apache::ASP
will just work.  I cannot do more than I have already done by saying
that Apache::ASP only support Perl scripting, and its likely that the
developers that are confused on this point do not even know that VBScript
is being used when they are "ASP" scripting.

This is a long standing problem, and I do not think that a runtime check
of a compile time error will help much even if its more accurate about
runtime error messages.

My best hope is to have VBScript support one day, but even then we will
still run into this problem as newbies do not know to check the error_log
for their answers.


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