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From Warren Young <>
Subject Re: AW: Internal server error when viewing sample asp scripts
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 19:11:59 GMT
Josh Chamas wrote:

> However, I disagree with the premise that this will help the end user
> confusion.  Most initial posts on this subject are with an internal
> server error resulting, as the developer has not yet set Debug 2 or 3
> which are the settings which will result in a verbose HTML message
> going to the browser.  So we still need to ask what is in the error_log.

Perhaps the suggested Apache config in the "getting started" docs should 
set Debug to 3.  I know I personally started out just copy-pasting from 
the docs when setting up Apache::ASP.  I didn't start changing things 
until I gained a few clues, and that didn't happen until after my code 
started generating sane pages.  I wouldn't have minded verbose errors in 
the browser when I was a newbie, since they can be turned off later.

I wouldn't even discuss the debug option in the getting started docs. 
Just leave its meaning for newbies to discover later, when they're ready 
to start taking the reins into their own hands.

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