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From "Uwe Riehm" <>
Subject AW: Internal server error when viewing sample asp scripts
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 05:54:49 GMT
Hi Josh,

> You are using VBScript and Apache::ASP only supports Perl scripting.
> I apologize for the confusion, but I do my best by putting this into
> the first line of the home page:
>    Apache::ASP provides an Active Server Pages port to the Apache 
>    Server with Perl scripting only,

i remember some time ago there was another thread in this newsgroup thinking
of adding some kind of "special VBScript detecting intelligence" to Apache ASP.
It's in normal cases a really unneccesary feature and therefore it's priority
is probably very low on the task list :) but a clear error message "DO NOT USE
VBSCRIPT WITH APACHE ASP" in the error log or just as a fix output page would
have saved this poor guy - and propably you too - a lot of time...

Maybe for the time being a quick and dirty hack could be a solution to this:
just search / match in the input file for some of the most used keywords of 
VBScript and in case one of those is found stop all the processing and output 
such an error message. 
The problem of this solution would be that users who e.g. want to write a 
web-page "about VBScript" would eventually have those keywords in the normal
textual context of the page. Therefore this functionallity could enabled / disabled
by a switch CheckVBScript which is default enabled. A user not using VBScript
bu caught by this checkup functionality would then be adviced to read a special
page within the documentation of Apache-ASP and there be introduced to that switch...

Just an idea...

Uwe Riehm


Uwe Riehm

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D-60388 Frankfurt

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