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From Skylos the Doggie <>
Subject Puzzling global.asa and Application behavior
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2003 00:14:17 GMT

I am working at porting an IIS ASP perlscript application to Apache::ASP.
I personally wrote the IIS ASP application that I'm porting.  I know that
its fustrating to get questions without the information, so at the risk of
wagging on for a bit too long I'll try to be thorough.

Needing a great deal of global data readily available in everyday
operation of the site's scripts, I used the strategy of keeping it in the
application object, so I wouldn't have to open files incessantly to load
it.  It amounts to about 400K, when expressed in my dump file.

Naturally, I had my IIS global.asa programmed to read my dump file,
loading the data into the application object on application start.  My
data refresh script directly overwrites that data with updated data when
there is a change, which mostly only happens during site administration.
It also recreates the dump file, which is used for the Application OnStart

I have configured Apache::ASP to use DB_File for the persistant storage.

So, enough background.

I have noticed several apparent problems when trying to work with it...

First.  Touching the global.asa file does *not* result in a recompile *or*
an application-reset.  On IIS it did.  This was quite puzzling for awhile,
but I found a workaround.  (shut down web server, delete the StateDir
directory contents, and start the web server.)  Obviously, I cannot do
this when I'm in production mode.

QUESTION ONE: When, explicitly, is Apache::ASP SUPPOSED to compile
global.asa and reset the ASP application? (file mod, onStart, onEnd)?

Second.  My application data occaisonally vanishes for no perceptible
reason.  I have been testing some routines today that modify a single
collection element.  And now for the third time I have had my application
data mysteriously vanish out of the program environment.  Rather than
develop an ulcer and go bald from tearing my hair out, I have decided to
write this message.  ;)  I have a quick little script 'view.asp' that
reads and dumps the session, application, and environment collections to
screen for debugging.  It shows a single application collection member
remaining (the one I was modifying), rather than the expected 34 or so.
The data was there a few minutes ago - where did it go!?

QUESTION TWO: Are there any known issues with the application collection
data vanishing?

QUESTION THREE: is there any way to debug as to why such a behavior might

Lastly.  Out of necessity, due to the limitations of PerlScript on
windows, I stored all my data structures in the application data as
Data::Dumper-ed strings.  (it would just result in HASH(0x...) otherwise)
Do I have to continue to do this?

QUESTION FOUR: With Apache::ASP are these stored as referenced entities
that persist?

Thanks muchly for all your help and assistance that I anticipate
recieving.  Apache::ASP is a wonderful module, and I hope to make it work
for my application.  (or my boss and I are going to be really annoyed.


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