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From Skylos the Doggie <>
Subject Multiple Applications, one web server?
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2003 21:03:57 GMT
Greetings gentlemen,

I just noticed something that disturbed me greatly.

I have several *necessarily* independant ASP applications that I wish to
run on the same server.  Different directories, different virtualhosts,
different global.asa's, all utilizing Apache::ASP.

I have discovered that even though my PerlSetVar Global is *different* for
two applications, application B can see the Application collection values
for application A!  nonono, this cannot be!  This is a diff application, a
diff Global setting!  I _need_ this to be separate!

I know from IIS that each application has its own global.asa file.  Hence
my assumption that every instance of a PerlSetVar Global in a scope (like
a <virtualhost> or <directory>) would result in an independant ASP
application, with an associated independant application collection
applicable to ASP scripts within that scope only.  And all the session
mechanics that implies.  (the application has a set of sub sessions which
reset it if they all end, for instance)

In other words, defining Global with PerlSetVar would be the same,
functionally, as naming a directory (scope) an application in the IIS

Am I terribly wrong?  Is something freaky happening on my mod_perl such
that I see these application objects?  Did the module never accomodate the
possibility that more than one application may wish to coexist on the
server?  (my mind skitters through the Apache::ASP code I've seen and how
it might need to be modified to allow this)

I'm willing to help with developing this if it doesn't exist...


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