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From Skylos the Doggie <>
Subject Re: Multiple Applications, one web server?
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2003 22:29:39 GMT
On Fri, 19 Sep 2003, Josh Chamas wrote:

> Skylos the Doggie wrote:
> > Greetings gentlemen,
> >
> > I just noticed something that disturbed me greatly.
> >
> > I have several *necessarily* independant ASP applications that I wish
> > to run on the same server.  Different directories, different
> > virtualhosts, different global.asa's, all utilizing Apache::ASP.
> Make sure you have UseStrict set, this will help with global variables
> that need to be scoped properly.

Hm.  I haven't had any trouble with that.  (well, okay, I have, here and
there, but I have been solving it by explicitly scoping and initializing
my variables.)

> The Global settings and global.asa should be compiled separately as long
> as they are different.

I believe they are.

> What are your separate configs for a couple apps that seem to overlap,
> and what variables are seemingly shared ( report on this only after
> making sure UseStrict is set and you have worked through that
> everywhere. )
> I see no problem with you have multiple separate Apache::ASP on a server,
> as I do this myself without problems.

Good, good.

> Also, if you are talking about share $Application data, then that is
> dependent on what StateDir is set to.

Yes, of course.  $Application data is the Application Collection, as I
referred to it.

StateDir.  Okay.  (I thought this granularity was implied, and StateDir
was a global-where-to-put-files sort of thing)  First I modified my
virtualhost scopes each to have their own StateDir setting.

I have tried changing the StateDir inside of scopes, and found initially
that it didn't work - it was only paying attention to the base httpd.conf
setting of StateDir...?

I commented out that 'root' definition of StateDir, and then I got
individual state dir's active for my applications.  The application
collection data no longer appears elsewhere.

Have I found a bug in the overlapping-variable-values resolution for
configuration variable scoping?  It should have overwritten the StateDir
with the smaller-scope value, rather than ignoring it.

Thanks muchly, Josh.


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