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From "Fagyal, Csongor" <>
Subject Re: Newbie alert, why this does not work
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2003 13:32:32 GMT
Hi Brent,

><title> sample </title>
><% $Response->Write ("Hello World") =Now () %>
What does
$Response->Write("Hello World") = Now()
supposed to do??

First, $Response->Write("Hello World") is not supposed to be a 
leftvalue, so you cannot (shouldn't) assign a value to it.
But your biggest problem is that there is now built-in function called 
"Now" in Perl, as your page says "Undefined subroutine 
&Apache::ASP::Demo::Now called ..."

I think you want
    $Response->Write("Hello World");

...or something like that.

- Cs.

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